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Our chief executive’s professional background, in addition to over twenty years in the insurance industry, also includes extensive merger and acquisitions experience with a London investment bank, a Big Four accounting practice and perhaps most importantly as a Principal. Consequently an integral component of Lime Street’s business plan from incorporation has been growth by acquisition, particularly in the Lloyd’s market.

We recognise that a number of Lloyd’s broking houses are faced with apparently intractable problems, often closely linked to succession planning. This is often manifest in a situation where there is a clear disconnect in the needs and objectives of the various stakeholders in the business. For example, does the bulk of the equity rest with shareholders who are no longer active in the business, do the principal producers have a commensurate interest in the business, is the company overly burdened by the need to service legacy accounts or does the exposure to bank borrowing impose an undue pressure on operational cash flow?

If so, we have a solution to find out more please contact our Chief Executive Paul Nugent on +44 (0) 20 7980 3900 for a confidential conversation on how we might be able to assist, or alternatively e-mail