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Our Chief Executive has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry, and a professional background that includes extensive merger and acquisitions experience with Ernst & Young and, more importantly, as a Principal. An integral component of Lime Street’s business plan is growth by acquisition, particularly in the Lloyd’s market, and we have significant financial backing to execute this strategy.

We recognise that a number of Lloyd’s broking houses are faced with apparently intractable problems, often closely linked to succession planning. This is often manifest in a situation where there is a clear disconnect in the needs and objectives of the various stakeholders in the business. For example: Does the bulk of the equity rest with shareholders who are no longer active in the business?; Do the principal producers have an appropriate financial interest in the business?; Is the company burdened by the need to service legacy accounts?; or, Does the exposure to bank borrowing impose an undue pressure on operational cash flow? If so, we can develop a transaction solution to meet your unique circumstances and needs.

If so, we have a solution, to find out more please contact our Chief Executive Steve Gowland on +44 (0) 20 7980 3900 for a confidential conversation on how we might be able to assist, or alternatively e-mail