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Political Violence and War Risks

Political Violence and War Risks

As instances of terrorism and political violence are increasing in frequency, clients require specialized standalone solutions to protect them from perils which can potentially impact their assets, or those of their customers and suppliers. Our Political Violence (PV) product was designed by a team with the specialised knowledge to help them manage the ever-changing PV risk landscape and offer a wide range of solutions.

War and terrorism-related insurance is essential in hostile territories and our specialist expertise will ensure you have the right solutions for the unique and challenging insurance scenarios you and your employees face.

Summary of Coverages

•          Terrorism

•          Sabotage

•          Strike/Riot/Civil Commotion

•          Malicious Damage

•          Insurrection/Revolution/Rebellion

•          Mutiny/Coup d'Etat

•          War/Civil War

•          Cargo war on land

•          Forced abandonment

•          Denial of access

•          Confiscation expropriation, nationalisation and derivation

•          Contract frustration

Extensions Available

•          Loss of Earnings

•          Contingent Business Interruption

•          Denial of Access

•          Cover up to USD500,000,000 if required


We have negotiated prices with underwriters specifically to reduce insurance premiums for those providing cover for personnel operating in Africa.

We offer cover for occupations such as (but not limited to)

•          Rig workers

•          NGOs

•          Security

•          De-mining/UXO removal

•          Journalists

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Mark Browning

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