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Claims Information

The claims process

We pride ourselves on the after sales service we provide our clients and in particular our swift and efficient claims service. The following will guide you through the claims process, and highlight some of the obligations imposed on policyholders by underwriters and law courts.

It is vital that in the event of an incident that may give rise to a potential claim that the policyholder must contact us immediately.  It is important that no form of correspondence be entered into with a third party. All communications received by a policyholder must be forwarded to us immediately unanswered.

Being faced with a claim is a very stressful experience for policyholders, presenting a strain on management time, business efficiency and ultimately cash flow. Underwriters have specialist teams to guide policyholders through this traumatic period. It is essential that policy holders act quickly to notify us in the event of a possible claim in order to minimise potential long-term disruption to their business.  It might be that a notification does not result in a claim.  You will not be penalized for notifications and we do not charge per claim.

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