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Commercial Property / Liability

Commercial Property / Liability

We understand that clients are faced with increasing demands to provide higher indemnity levels.  In order to achieve the optimum solution we have access to specialised markets in order to provide the right cover at the right price to your client.

Both Lloyd’s, and specialised Company markets available to us in London, enable us to provide a unique edge in marketing new and renewal business.

With the current rating structures providing an unsteady base, it is all the more important to cover every available market, and because our markets are unique to London brokers we are certain of providing you with the competitive advantage  you are looking for to retain and develop your own accounts.

We are able to offer our clients a wide variety of risks that include the following areas:

  • Property Owners
  • Manufacturing
  • Multi-tenure Premises
  • Food Risks
  • Unoccupied Premises
  • Nightclubs
  • Entertainment & Leisure

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