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Offshore / Commercial Diving Liability Products

Offshore / Commercial Diving Liability Products

Combined Liability Insurance - One Man Band

Our experienced team has been active in this highly specialised sector since 1979. We offer a comprehensive, bespoke service including a unique liability cover for ‘One-Man Band’ companies who service the oil and gas industry, both onshore and offshore.  Our exclusive insurance facilities enable us to offer clients the benefits of competitive pricing and comprehensive cover.

Main Areas of Coverage

Employers' Liability limit of £10m any one occurrence

Public/Products/Pollution Liability limit of £2m or £5m any one occurrence

Professional Indemnity limit of £100,000 any one occurrence and in all

Diving – Liability

We are continually building on Houlder Insurance Services twenty years' experience in providing insurance for commercial diving operations inland/offshore in the UK.

We understand the cost pressures facing our clients and  have developed specialist schemes recommended by The Association of Diving Contractors.  These schemes satisfy the requirements of all key Health & Safety at Work Regulations Act and other relevant legislation,.  We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly and effectively with quotations and documentation. and, when required, processing claims. Our specialists have an unrivalled body of technical knowledge about the industry, and the professional expertise that enables them to provide the best solution for you.

Main Areas of Coverage

•          Employers' Liability

•          Public/Products Liability

•          Plant and Equipment - All Risks

•          Inclusion of Debris Removal or Pontoon Removal Costs

•          Accidental Diesel Spillage Clean-up Costs

Commercial Expertise

We have designed and developed various insurance facilities which are exclusive to our Company which enables us to offer our clients the benefits of competitive pricing.

Offshore Liability

We have a range of facilities, through Lloyd's of London and a number of major insurance companies, which enables us to place all aspects of liability insurance protection, however large or small the offshore component.

Employers Liability Insurance

Public, Products & Pollution Liability Insurance

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