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Personal Accident Life

Personal Accident Life

If you or your employees are exposed to high-risk situations in conflict or post-conflict zones or in the mining or oil and gas industries, it is essential to have appropriate cover in place.

Lime Street Insurance Brokers Limited can provide you with the protection you need, which includes:

•          Lump sum in the event of death or injury as a result of accident or illness

•          Income protection as a result of accident or illness

•          Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation

Working in a high-risk environment means that, in the event of an emergency, including personal injury, you will need the very best treatment. With our partners, we can provide you with the following cover:

•          On-site stabilisation and evacuation to airfield

•          Emergency air ambulance to suitable medical facility

•          Follow-home cover for 100% of expenses for 30 days, 50% of expenses for the following 90 days

Unlike other medical response operations, our partners are based in the local country and are therefore in the best position to respond to any emergency.

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